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    Gorilla Go Wild
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    Lost World
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    Monopoly Big Event
  • /Images/Spinlab 974x400.jpg

    Spin Lab
  • /Images/Super MONOPOLY Money 974x400.jpg

    Super MONOPOLY
  • /Images/TowerQuest 974x400.jpg

    Tower Quest
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  • /Images/WinterBerries 974x400.jpg

  • /Images/Ooh Aah Dracula 974x400.jpg

    Ooh Aah Dracula
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  • /Images/Dark-Joker-Rizes 974x400.jpg

    Dark Joker Rizes
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    Cazino Zeppelin
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  • /Images/Ambiance974x400.jpg

  • /Images/JR-JurassicPark-Header.jpg

    Jurassic Park
  • /Images/JR-SeaOfTranquility-Header.jpg

    Sea of Tranquillity
  • /Images/JR-FoxinWinsAgain-Header.jpg

    Foxin Wins Again
  • /Images/JR-JudgeDredd-Header.jpg

    Judge Dredd
  • /Images/JR-DoubleDragon-Header.jpg

    Double Dragon
  • /Images/JR-CoolJewels-Header.jpg

    Cool Jewels
  • /Images/JR-CashSpin-Header.jpg

    Cash Spin
  • /Images/JR-Terminator2-Header.jpg

  • /Images/JR-SiberianStorm-Header.jpg

    Siberian Storm
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  • /Images/JR-GypsyRose-Header.jpg

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  • /Images/JR-HoffMania-Header.jpg

  • /Images/JR-Kobushi-Header.jpg

  • /Images/JR-Medusa2-Header.jpg

  • /Images/JR-SpiderMan-Header.jpg

  • /Images/JR-Sunset_Beach-Header.jpg

    Sunset Beach
  • /Images/JR-SugarPop-Header.jpg

    Sugar Pop
  • /Images/JR-WhoSpunIt-Header.jpg

  • /Images/JR-Double_Down_Casino-Header.jpg

    Double Down Casino
  • /Images/JR-CashWizard-Header.jpg

    Cash Wizard
  • /Images/JR-3Musketeers-Header.jpg

    The Three Musketeers and The Queen’s Diamonds
  • /Images/JR-LRH-Header.jpg

    Lady Robin Hood
  • /Images/JR-ZeusIII-Header.jpg

    Zeus III
  • /Images/JR-RagingRhino-Header.jpg

    Raging Rhino
  • /Images/JR-LoB-Header.jpg

    Life of Brian
  • /Images/JR-Western_Belles-Header.jpg

    Western Belles
  • /Images/JR-PotF-Header.jpg

    Pixies of the Forest
  • /Images/JR-GiantsGold-Header.jpg

    Giant’s Gold
  • /Images/JR-BookofRa-Header.jpg

    Book of Ra™ Deluxe
  • /Images/JR-TDKR-Header.jpg

    The Dark Knight Rises
  • /Images/JR-MegaMoolah-Header.jpg

  • /Images/JR-Hit_It_Rich!-Header.jpg

    Hit it Rich!
  • /Images/JR-ThunderStruck2-Header.jpg

    Thunderstruck II
  • /Images/JR-Transformers-Header.jpg

    Transformers Battle for Cybertron
  • /Images/JR-Bruce_Lee-Header.jpg

    Bruce Lee Dragon’s Tale
  • /Images/JR-Cleopatra-Header.jpg

  • /Images/JR-Grease-Header.jpg

    Grease Pink Ladies and T-Birds
  • /Images/JR-DrLoveOV-Header.jpg

    Doctor Love on Vacation
  • /Images/JR-FoxinWins-Header2.jpg

    Foxin’ Wins
  • /Images/Header_Hot2Slot.jpg

  • /Images/Header_TombRaider.jpg

    Tomb Raider
  • /Images/Header_Spartacus.jpg

    Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome
  • /Images/IronMan2_Highlight_image.jpg

    Iron Man 2



Gorilla Go Wild

If you've played any 3D game in the past couple of years, you've probably come across a game with a lush, animated figure who parades up and down the reels activating various bonus features or random cash wins.....

Lost World

Coming out of the Slotland Entertainment camp, which provides WinADay with its own proprietary games like Castle Siege and Dream Catcher, Lost World is a dino-inspired slot.....

Monopoly Big Event

Unless you were from a family who detested board games, you probably have played a game or 500 of Monopoly in your lifetime. The timeless classic celebrates its 80th birthday this year, so when better to release a couple of new online slots based.....

Spin Lab

Forget cherries and 7s, because The Spin Lab takes slot play into the next generation. Welcome cool blues, crisp graphics, and bonuses you create yourself in the lab.....


Super MONOPOLY Money is for players that want to choose when to take their bonus. You can either take your bonus on the Super MONOPOLY Money wheel for a 200x multiplier, or you can save it to use later. With two Monopoly-themed online slots being.....

Tower Quest

If you've ever sat through 12 hours of added extras in the Lord of the Rings boxed set, experienced even a sniff of Game of Thrones, or 'fessed up to a game of Magic playing cards when you were a teenager, chances are You’ll get totally nostalgic.....


There's no doubt that in 2015, the world of social gaming and online gambling are merging. Online slots can be played on social media platforms alongside amazing little arcade games like Candy Crush Saga.....


As long as slots have been around, fruit symbols have always been an iconic part of the culture. Everyone recognises the bright and juicy cherries, lemons, melons, pineapples and plums that were splashed.....

Ooh Aah Dracula

As any cold-blooded slots player knows all too well, the stakes are rarely higher than in a vampire-themed game. Ooh Aah Dracula, the latest offering from Barcrest, combines graveyard scenes with horror tropes to bring players all the ghoulish excitement they can handle.


The newest collaboration between Williams Interactive arms SG Interactive and Williams Studio takes you to the depths of the ocean, as you join Captain Nemo's crew and go in search of buried treasure.....

Thunderstruck II

Microgaming’s original Thunderstruck slot arrived in our online casinos way back in 2004 and quickly became something of a classic. Thunderstruck II is the sequel – a game that takes the Norse mythology theme of the original and ramps it up

Transformers Battle for Cybertron

A thousand-year war is raging on Planet Cybertron between the peace-loving Autobots and those nasty Decepticons. Can you stop them and bag a few free-spins and big wins along the way?

Bruce Lee Dragon’s Tale

Bruce Lee is back! Can you hit the Brucie Bonus?


It's always great to revisit a classic. Cleopatra is one of the most famous slot machines of all time, and features prominently in land-based casinos across the world.

Grease Pink Ladies and T-Birds

What could be finer than spinning the reels of an online slot to the glorious strains of You’re the One That I Want?

Doctor Love on Vacation

Is it us, or are things getting hot in here? Doctor Love is back in his second saucy incarnation, bringing some groovy graphics and fabulous mini-games with him. Swoon!

Foxin’ Wins

What could be more loveable and cutesie than a family of aristocratic foxes forever chasing a pesky leprechaun around the grounds of their mansion?

Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome

Spartacus was the Thracian Gladiator who led the slave rebellion against the Roman Empire, and it’s your job to liberate the jackpot from a whirl of spinning swords, shields, lions, pink diamonds, purple clubs, blue spades and red hearts, not to mention.....

Pixies of the Forest

Fancy delving into an enchanted world filled with treasure where pixies, elves and fairies frolic in the forest and reels come tumbling down to magic up big wins? Sounds good to us, so welcome to Pixies of the Forest, a 5-reel game from IGT that offers.....

The Dark Knight Rises

Since Christopher Nolan’s stunning blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises™ burst onto our screens last summer in all its dark, menacing glory, we’ve been eagerly awaiting a bombastic online slot version from Microgaming

Transformers Battle for Cybertron

A thousand-year war is raging on Planet Cybertron between the peace-loving Autobots and those nasty Decepticons. Can you stop them and bag a few free-spins and big wins along the way?

Iron Man 2

As mobile technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, so too do the slots games on our mobile devices. Hooray! Iron Man 2 is a case in point: a sleek and elegant slots game from Playtech. Another entry in the developer’s fabulous Marvel slot series....


Have you been practising your poker face? Let's hope so, because PokerStars Play is now on Facebook. This purdy play money application has all the benefits of PokerStars' market-leading.....

Hit it Rich!

Check out the wonderful new social hub that is Zynga's Hit it Rich! on Facebook...


Multi-player mobile social casino games are hotter than microwaved treacle at the moment. The chance to get a spot of gaming in while you chat and compete with friends is proving so popular, that leading developers AbZorba Games recently reported a staggering.....

Tomb Raider

Back in 2004, Lara Croft dusted off her .45 calibre handguns to star in Microgaming’s first Tomb Raider slots game. Licensed by Microgaming from game developers Eidos interactive, Tomb Raider was an instant hit and remains hugely popular to this day.....

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