There's no doubt that in 2015, the world of social gaming and online gambling are merging. Online slots can be played on social media platforms alongside amazing little arcade games like Candy Crush Saga that feature accumulative rewards, 'missions' and 'achievements', and the chance to buy new levels.

However, some online gambling slots are themselves beginning to look like social media games. And the latest to join the party is a luscious-looking fantasy-themed slot from Play 'n GO - GEMiX.

Played out over a 7x7 grid, GEMiX features 49 symbols made up of various rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. The symbols 'cascade' down the screen when you hit the Start button and you win cash by getting five or more identical symbols connecting each other vertically or horizontally in a group.

Look out for the Gold Star, which is the top payer and dishes out a 500.00 prize if you land 15 or more in a combination. You'll notice patterns of stones in the background. Hit winning combinations over these stones and they will light up on the grid on the right-hand side. Fill all those up and you'll progress a level where you receive a new pattern and increase the World Bonus prize amount. Once you clear an entire world, you bag a juicy World Bonus!

If you win on 20 symbols at once, the Crystal Charge will be activated. Here's where things get interesting as a fully-charged meter activates one of these amazing features:

CHAIN LIGHTNING: Two corner symbols in opposite positions fire out an electrical arc, hitting symbols and transforming them into winning corner symbols.

LIGHT BEAM: One symbol chucks out a light beam vertically and horizontally to transform anything in its deadly path into winning symbols.

NOVA BLAST: One symbol is selected at random and it explodes. Adjacent symbols are removed in one massive explosion. A core of identical symbols is then created for super-giant wins.

CRYSTAL WARP: Finally, one symbol is selected at random on the game screen. That symbol - and all identical symbols - are then transformed into whatever symbol is the most popular on the screen at that time.

If you hit 40 or more winning symbols before the Crystal Charge is triggered you'll bag a juicy 'Super Charge' feature where all wins are multiplier by three.

Don't worry if you don't hit a winning combination; each world has its own unique Wild symbol - World Wilds - which can appear at random after any non-winning spin. The jewel-hunting Miner's lantern substitutes for all symbols (with up to 10 Wilds possible), while the Princess's Wild lollipop can spread from one edge of the game screen to the other for added wins. Finally, the Wizard's spellbook acts as a Sticky Wild (up to eight of them) and will hold in place for one game while the symbols cascade.

• Watch for the patterns on the right-hand diagram. These show your progress in clearing a level. Remember, three cleared patterns awards players a world progression bonus and you move on to the next world.

• Win on 20 or more symbols in a single game round to trigger the crystal charge feature, which will create additional payouts and make the game continue even longer.

• Win on 40 or more symbols in a single game round to super charge your game to multiply all wins in that game round by 3.

• There are three different characters that help you on your journey. They each have a unique wild symbol that has a chance to appear on non-winning game rounds, giving you a second chance to win!

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