Sugar Pop
Sugar Pop

Sugar Pop

Sugar Pop

Bon bon, anyone? If you’ve got a sweet tooth then you’ll love Sugar Pop, the saccharine new slot from Betsoft. Sugar Pop spirits you away to a fabulous, Willy Wonka-esque candy kingdom, and with its polished sugar curlicues, juicy lollipop trees, and fluffy candyfloss forest, it’s truly a childhood fantasy come true. Actually, scratch that – we’re adults and we can already feel a bout of joyous, E-number induced hysteria coming on. Pass the strawberry laces, would ya? Dribble.

This 5x5 slot machine game abides by ‘all ways pays’ rules, meaning that there are no lines – all you need to win is to have three or more candies touching. There’s also an exciting cascading wins feature; this refers to when a winning combo is earned, causing other candies to explode and new candies to fall in their place, therefore allowing for some lip-smackingly juicy wins.

Swimmingly Sweet
The truly unique thing about this slot is the fact that, unlike the vast majority of other titles, it features level-based game progression – in other words, you can rise through different levels of play, monitoring your progress by the bar on the right, and unlocking cool new worlds and features on your way. As an example, each level has a different delicious candy that performs a different game function, from Caramel Chew (Level 2 and up), which takes a random path round the wheels, crushing every candy in its way, all the way up to Cotton Candy (Level 20 and up), which causes a cotton candy tornado to sweep across the reels and explode random candies. There is also a tasty bonus pattern feature, meaning that if you match the exploding candies to the bonus pattern circle on the left of the screen then you get an additional 600 points to your score – definitely a spoonful of sugar that sweetens the deal.

Playing Tips:
Play Max Bet for the most winnings

Try to unlock bonus patterns to quickly reach higher levels

The meter on the right side of the screen indicates your current progress to the next level

To unlock more special candies, keep playing until you reach the next level

There are currently 20 levels in the game, but more are planned in the future!

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    Sugar Pop
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    Sugar Pop

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