Top Horror Movies on South African Netflix this Halloween

Top Horror Movies on South African Netflix this Halloween

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From classic slasher movies to the more cerebral psychological horror stories, many people are drawn to the adrenalin rush of being scared –especially at Halloween. This month, Springbok Casino reviews the Top Horror Movies on Netflix this Halloween.

Stranger Things follows numerous groups of characters as they separately investigate the disappearance of young Will Byers.

In Raw, a young veterinary student develops a taste for raw meet after bizarre college initiation rituals.

Based on a Stephen King novella, Mist follows a bunch of normal townsfolk trapped inside a grocery store after a mysterious mist envelops the entire town.

In Creep, a not-so-secretly psychotic recluse hires a naïve videographer to come and make a documentary of his life out in a cabin in the woods.

We Summon the Darkness is about religious showmen who happily exploit the fears of the flock to profit the church and themselves.

Zygote is a collection of experimental sci-fi and horror short films from South African District 9 director Neill Blomkamp.

The aesthetic of The Haunting of Hill House series works by subtle suggestion of horror.

Midnight Mass is set on Crockett Island after an oil spill has ruined the lives of the inhabitants. Most have fled but a few remain and are manipulated by a mysterious new Catholic priest.

From the foreboding arrival of Dan Stevens’ at an island cult compound, to the fantastically yucky bloodbath of the third act, Apostle takes its place as the year’s best horror cinema through a fresh stylishness.

The Platform centres on a diabolical vertical prison structure, with one cell per floor and two inmates per cell.

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