Love Is In The Air at Springbok Casino

Love Is In The Air at Springbok Casino

2/1/2018 1:54:51 PM  By Christopher Bradshaw

Couples all over the world will be celebrating this year’s edition of Saint Valentine's Day on February 14 and Springbok Casino is hoping its latest offering will provide romantics with a bit of special inspiration.

The South Africa-facing online casino has just launched its Love Is In The Air sub-page featuring information on how nine of the animal kingdom’s most amorous creatures demonstrate their affection.

“Elephants may not be the first animals that come to mind when you think of romance but when these gentle animals use their trunks to caress their mates they purr like giant kittens,” read a statement from Daniel Van Wyck of Springbok Casino, who compiled the information on the sub-page.

“Blue cranes, the national bird of South Africa, are terrific dancers when courting. Males stretch their wings, pump their heads, bow, fling objects in the air and leap around.”

Springbok Casino stated that its Love Is In The Air sub-page also features stories on the romantic antics of penguins, antelopes and tortoises, among others, while it is further celebrating love by offering all of its real-money players the chance to enjoy up to 25 complimentary spins on its Bubble Bubble video slot from developer RealTime Gaming. To take advantage of this promotion, aficionados should enter the coupon code ‘HELLO-LOVE’ before the sun goes down on February 28.

“With Saint Valentine’s Day around the corner, lovers everywhere will be engaging in all kinds of weird and wonderful courting rituals,” read a statement from Springbok Casino.

“From romantic lovebirds to flirtatious seahorses, the animal kingdom is full of examples of animals that are just as romantic as we are, in their own way.”

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