Intertops Casino is hitting big with Fight Night

Intertops Casino is hitting big with Fight Night

6/12/2017 4:30:00 PM  By Christopher Bradshaw

Intertops Casino has just launched its latest leaderboard promotion and is promising that the Fight Night campaign will award bonus cash totaling $120,000 between now and July 10.

The online casino explained that players can earn points for its Fight Night leaderboard campaign simply by enjoying any of its many games with the promotion set to hand out a total of $30,000 in bonus cash each week to the best-placed 300 competitors including bonuses worth $500 for the top 20.

Intertops Casino, which is set to premiere the five-reel Cash Bandits 2 slot later this month, revealed that the Fight Night campaign is additionally due to award $5,000 in random bonuses every Thursday while competitors that have made it into any week’s top-20 are to be entered into a random draw for a promotion-ending $1,000 cash prize.

“This is a cash prize and not a bonus and there are no wagering requirements for this $1,000,” read a statement from Intertops Casino.

Fight Night now on at Intertops Casino

Online casino’s latest leaderboard campaign is due to dish out $120,000 in bonuses between now and July 10.

“One of the world’s oldest and most trusted online casinos, Intertops Casino recently launched a mobile casino where our most popular games are available for smartphones and tablets.”

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